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Offering Best-In-Class Solutions
Modern Shipping Company is proud to offer best-in-class shipping solutions paired with meticulously maintained industry partnerships. We recognize there is power in who you know, but with the transportation business comes the added reality of power in numbers. It is not as simple as quality over quantity anymore – we are in constant pursuit of both. The result is a hard-earned ability to leverage our vast amount of relational resources to drive up the demand for high quality, competitively priced, transactions each and every step of the way.

Modern Shipping Company and Premier Customhouse Brokerage are commonly owned through a vertically integrated business model with Miramar Transportation INC dba Pilot Freight Services. This vertical integration empowers MSC, PCB and Miramar to control and creatively profile economics based on each individual client’s needs. By bundling your services with one company you minimize the number of vendors to manage, simplify the AP process and find reductions through bundling.

Please check out Premier Customhouse Brokers website to learn more about your next customs clearance!


Full Service Truck Load Services
MSC provides the technology, people and expertise to meet and exceed all your FTL and PTL needs. Our team of experts has the ability to set up permits, coordinate oversize/overweight loads, teams and specialized equipment like extended axle and landolls. They also offer state of the art tracking using our GPS technology which can give you the precise location of your load at ALL times while in transit. This tracking feature utilizes both Satellite’s and Cell towers to ensure that you know where your load is AT ALL TIMES.

FTL (Full Truck Load):
We specialize in:

53ft dry vans
Team Service (tandem drivers)
High Value
Heavy Haul
Partial Truck Load*
Consolidated Loads

FTL Trucking